Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spotting Fake Craigslist Ads Made Simple And Easy

Advertisements are considered to be the life blood of almost every small and large business organization. With the roots of internet spanning to different sectors of the economy, how can the world of advertising be left untouched. People have started using internet as one of the best platforms for promoting their respective business concerns. There are a number of websites that support classified advertisements and Craigslist is one of the most popular ones. It is a great platform to advertise your business venture in just a few minutes. Craigslist Ads can easily promote your next entrepreneurial project among target audience and that too without spending a fortune.
No doubt Craigslist is an excellent platform for classified ads, but it also attracts a good number of bots, scammers and fake advertisements. This gives birth to the need of being watchful in order to stay safe from the evil elements of the web world. You should watch out for such fake ads as anyone can take full advantage of your cyberspace presence. With the help of some simple steps mentioned below, you can easily stay safe from fake Craigslist Ads and save your precious money.
• One of the most visible signs of an advertisement being bogus is that it appears too good to be true. You can stay safe from such scammers by opting to deal with the local people only. If you are getting indulge in any buying or selling activities, dealing solely in cash and making/receiving bills is generally advisable.
• For replying to the advertisements, you should always try to make use of secondary email account. The account should be one that you hardly care about. Advertisements used by the spammers to collect mails will only be seeing your secondary email address.
• One of the best ways of checking fake Craigslist Ads is making use of two separate emails to reply to the same advertisement. If you receive same reply in a really fast manner on both your emails, then the ad is probably run by bots. These fake responses normally have different email ids but the content is completely same.
• If you are able to see the same advertisements in other cities as well, there are 100% chances of the advertisement being fake. Scammers and spammers regularly post these ads in different cities as well as countries in order to stay ahead in the race.
So, these are some simple ways that can surely help you in spotting any fake Craigslist Ads as well as listings in an easy manner.

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